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*Stands on Soapbox*

January 17, 2012

Attention every Parent, Grandparent, Auntie, Uncle, godparents, babysitter:

Your kid is having sex.  Normally, I don’t care how someone else parents their child, because it’s none of my business.  However, I don’t like hearing about a teen mom becoming a 30-something grandma.

Yup.  This woman was a 17-year-old mom and will be a 31-year-old grandma.

While normally, I would hang my head and say “That girl should have kept her knees closed” I can’t help but to wonder if maybe some of the blame should be on the parents as well.  I realize that kids are going to do whatever they want anyway.  And who knows, I may be eating my words in 15 years.  However, I can’t shake this.

I really do think that we need to start teaching our kids about sex earlier than before.  In my 8th grade sex education class, there was 3 people who were already sexually active.  And that was in a “hick” school.  Now that I live in the city, I’m pretty sure that number is higher.  As a society we are so focused on sex, but not SAFE sex and it bothers the hell outta this Momma!

I don’t understand how we can have billboards of sexually explicit content, but freak out when we need to give “the talk” to our children.  How backwards is that?  I was never taught by my parents about sex as I got older.  Except for, that I shouldn’t do it.  That is not enough.  Sooner or later, we are going to have an even bigger problem than what we have now.  And it’s a damn shame.

*Jumps off soapbox*


PS:  I should note that I am not generalizing all teen parents in this.  I know of many teen parents who have made an excellent life for them and their children.  I know that teenagers now do not always listen to their parents [did you listen to your parents when you were younger?].  And I realize that this is not true for all cases.  However, more often than not, teen pregnancy is done out of lack of education than anything else.



Glory (Feat. B.I.C)

January 10, 2012

Secretly, I love celebrities.  I’ll admit it!  I’m not super obsessed with them…but I have been known to waste more than a few hours watching E! or reading Prez Hilton.  Normally, what “celebrities” do have little effect on me.  Today, I was proved wrong with a song.

Last month I was told that I “shouldn’t” try to have any more children.  While the news was is devastating, I can somehow find some relief in the fact that I have been blessed already.  However, this doesn’t mean that I’m not bitter.  Suddenly, the world made just a little less sense.  While I choosing to keep silent about my news, shutting out the world of baby making friends isn’t so easy.  Everyday there is a new “OMG the stick is blue.  THINK PINK!!!!1!!!!1111” or “I can’t believe he’s finally here!” status, I fall a little deeper into a funk.  More so, because some of these women aren’t ready/deserving/prepared to have a child.  There are women who would literally give everything they have to be pregnant with a healthy child.  They would give anything to feel what it’s like to be a mother.

But I digress.

Lately there has been a whole new batch of celebrities spitting out spawn.  They’re showing off their bumps in ridiculous ways, acting like damn fools.  But every pregnant woman does that.  It’s a rite of passage.  (I say, own that bump!)  There was one that just rubbed me the wrong way.  Beyonce.

Even her name makes me cringe.  Beyonce.

I am not a fan of her husband’s.  I think she used the other members of Destiny’s Child to springboard her own career (and her father did as well).  I want to rip out that fake hair.  And I desperately want to see her wake up with a nasty flu and a sty in her eye with no makeup on because that woman is too damn gorgeous to be alive.

So, with all this buzz surrounding her reproducing and giving birth to Blue Ivy *shudder* I wanted to just boycott everything that might ever do with Beyonce/ Jay-Z/ Blue Ivy.

Until, I heard the song that Jay-Z made for his new daughter.

Now, the song didn’t change my life.  And it probably won’t make me a “B” fan, but it did make me respect them as a couple a little more.  The song details some very personal aspects of their life.  How they felt when they heard the lil Blue’s heartbeat for the first time…how they prayed that the baby would “stick”.  Also, to hear about something no woman should ever go through, a miscarriage.

So, Jay-Z and Beyonce, congrats on your new baby girl.  However, I personally don’t want to hear about you making any more babies anytime soon, kay?