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Slightly Obsessed and Not at all Motivated

January 11, 2012

Pinterest:  The word itself is crack to millions.  And I am one of them.

Hi, My name is Amanda…and I am addicted to pinterest.  At first, I caved to the peer pressure.  “Hey Amanda, have you heard about this new site?  Here, let me send you an invite!”  I didn’t think it was such a big deal.  I set up an account and promptly forgot about it.  Then, there was more buzz about the sheer awesomeness of this website.  So I log in (after trying to remember my password for like 10 minutes) and *boom* I’m hooked.  48 hours later, I’m up to 5 with 32 pins.

But, I can’t stop.

Oh no.  One does not simply “stop” pinning once they started.  That’s like quitting facebook cold turkey.  Hell, I rather quit cigarettes again before I am forced to quit pinning.  The crafts.  The pictures.  The food porn!  How can a mere mortal not cave to this?  So many ideas.  I. Must. Repin!

Atlas, despite my best pinning skills, doesn’t mean I will get a single thing done.  But it’s nice to dream that I will make the super cute purse I saw from an old sweater.  Or the awesome decals for lil Dude’s playroom.  Or the amazing chocolate cake that I saw this morning that once person actually said it was “so delicious she can finally cross having an orgasm off her bucket list”.  Now, that is some damn good chocolate cake.  I have all the intentions of actually doing these things.

Will they get done?  Probably not.  But then again, if I can stop pinning, I can do anything.