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Marriage: it’s between two people, not everyone else.

January 23, 2012

“The worst thing to happen to a marriage is to have it rain on your wedding day.”

As my luck would have it, it poured on July 8th, 2011.  Full on downpours, gusts and a general sense of “yuck”.  It didn’t matter how much rain could come down that day, I was marrying the man I love, the father of my child and the keeper of my secrets and heart.  Although it might not have seemed like I was over the moon…I was about to jump out of my skin from pure adrenaline and joy. I was getting married!  These are the dreams of my childhood.  And I was going to be his Mrs.  Could life get any better?

Fast forward a few months weeks:  we were slapped with a huge bill that needed to take care of immediately.  That put kind of a damper on our son’s first birthday, my birthday and the time from September to Christmas.  Just now we are finally getting our feet settled back in.  This bill completely wiped out our savings to move out of my in-law’s and to start our life as a little family.

Now that 2012 has started, I really want to start making plans to move out into our own place.  And to finally be “adults” in my sense of the word.  But, I have one little problem.  No one, including my husband, thinks we are ready.


My DH’s family is incredibly involved in everything.  Between his parents and siblings (there’s 6 not including my DH) and nephews and nieces and cousins and aunts and uncles, everyone has an opinion and does not hold their tongues very well.  (Maybe that’s why I fit in so well….hmm.)  Which, can be helpful but usually does more harm than good.  My FIL and MIL especially don’t see my DH as a 30 year old adult, but their baby.  The last of the clan.

I see it as, he has a wife and a son he has to think of.  (And this is why I am a bitch.)

But for now, I can be patient and understand that my in-laws are actually helping us by letting us stay with them and pay our rent to them and try to save up money so when we do move out…it’s a permanent thing.  If only I can convince Dh that it is possible to move out and not fail.  And that’s when I have to be the wife.  Sadly for me, I am not good at being a wife yet.  But the only thing I need to worry about is rain on my wedding day, right?  I should be okay after that storm.