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I must be a little crazy.

January 13, 2012

Well, after my rant last night about not having motivation, I kicked my butt into high gear.  My BIL is expecting his second child, and I decided that baby boy needs a handmade blanket.  And then I promptly asked 3 of my best internet buddies if they would like a blanket for their kids as well.  I figured…why not?!?  It’s not that hard to do. 

Bwahaha! I should have taken a head count first.  Or, at least realized, not everyone has one child and that’s it.  Nope.  I am making a total of 9 blankets.  One for the BIL, one for my little dude (cause, obviously I’m gonna make him one as well), three for my internet bestie up in Washington state, three for a friend in Florida and one to my girl in North Carolina.

And I should mention that even though I haven’t made these blankets yet, I already have a “pending” request after I get these 9 done.

Although I am making a lot of these at once, they are fairly easy to assemble.  One blanket would only take me two days complete.  It’s really not that hard.  But, I also have a little guy who likes to “help” mommy by sitting on the fabric, causing bunches and not fun stuff.  But he looks adorable when you say “oh what a big help you are!”

The things we do to grow our children’s ego.  But as for now, I need to go and relax my fingers.  I got half a blanket down, another 8.5 to go!