*Stands on Soapbox*

Attention every Parent, Grandparent, Auntie, Uncle, godparents, babysitter:

Your kid is having sex.  Normally, I don’t care how someone else parents their child, because it’s none of my business.  However, I don’t like hearing about a teen mom becoming a 30-something grandma.

Yup.  This woman was a 17-year-old mom and will be a 31-year-old grandma.

While normally, I would hang my head and say “That girl should have kept her knees closed” I can’t help but to wonder if maybe some of the blame should be on the parents as well.  I realize that kids are going to do whatever they want anyway.  And who knows, I may be eating my words in 15 years.  However, I can’t shake this.

I really do think that we need to start teaching our kids about sex earlier than before.  In my 8th grade sex education class, there was 3 people who were already sexually active.  And that was in a “hick” school.  Now that I live in the city, I’m pretty sure that number is higher.  As a society we are so focused on sex, but not SAFE sex and it bothers the hell outta this Momma!

I don’t understand how we can have billboards of sexually explicit content, but freak out when we need to give “the talk” to our children.  How backwards is that?  I was never taught by my parents about sex as I got older.  Except for, that I shouldn’t do it.  That is not enough.  Sooner or later, we are going to have an even bigger problem than what we have now.  And it’s a damn shame.

*Jumps off soapbox*


PS:  I should note that I am not generalizing all teen parents in this.  I know of many teen parents who have made an excellent life for them and their children.  I know that teenagers now do not always listen to their parents [did you listen to your parents when you were younger?].  And I realize that this is not true for all cases.  However, more often than not, teen pregnancy is done out of lack of education than anything else.


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One Comment on “*Stands on Soapbox*”

  1. guyerhd Says:

    I fully intend to teach my children about sex at a young age; I also will do everything in my power to prevent situations that let them walk right into it (boy/girl sleep over at the age of 13/14? Uh heck no!)

    I understand kids will have sex; and I want to make that door as wide open as possible that lets my kids come to me with “well…I think I’m ready…what are my protection options?”

    I just am astounded at the amount of children having children; sex is a big responsibility; one that I don’t think anyone under the age of 17 or 18 should be doing.

    It’s wrong to encourage it and it’s wrong to ignore it; you have to find the middle ground and then hope your child is smart enough not to.

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